Thursday, May 19, 2011

The fight against slime!

Well the problem with ALL my plants now is an infestation. The worm things were slugs! So now here is chapter in my fight against slime!! lol
This is my lettuce. There are 2 baby slugs on the leaf and one huge one at the top left kind of slithering out from underneath the lettuce.

Here is a green bean plant after their reign of terror.

Another green bean.

A green bean that just sprouted 3 days ago and they have already attacked the poor thing.

Here are my weapons in mass (slug) destruction.

Here is what I got off only a few broccoli leaves.....its insane how many there are!
I have read that if you put a mini pie tin flush with the soil and pour some beer in there you will catch bugs and those roly poly bugs that like to eat your roots. They die happy though right? HA HA HA

Chickens Week 2

They have grown in a week so much! Here is a bin of the broilers.

Here is the other bin of the broilers, this is a male....they are already so much larger then the females.

Here is a female, still getting bigger though.

Here are my gorgeous layers! I love the colors on their wings.

Here is another picture of the layers.

Here are the 3 bins. I had to bathe the broilers today. They started to poop so much that it was getting all over them. I change their newspaper daily and do a complete wash down of their bins weekly. I may have to change their newpaper 2 times a day and do a complete wash down 2 or 3 times a week. The layers are no where near as messy, but the broilers are genetically made to just be meat birds so all they do is eat and poop and grow. They are awesome though. They are already used to my kids and let them hold them and are really sweet.


Here is the potato patch, red on far left and middle front. Russet middle back and far right. Only 3 Russet have sprouted....debating on whether I want to rip up the rest and replant.

Here is a gorgeous display of the 3 sisters planting. There is the pumpkin on the upper left, 4 corn stalks and 4 green beans just outside the corn stalks. All growing wonderfully with NO SLUGS!! :D

Here are my kidney beans

Sweet shelling peas

Pickling cucumber

I also planted corn in rows next to the 3 sisters, so we can try it both ways and see what does better.

Here is the small 1st wave of just sweet corn. There is 4 rows of about 10 corn stalks each. It is always better to plant in short rows of many then 2 long rows because the pollination will fill the ears of corn to the very top.

Here is my best Navy bean. All the rest have been eaten by roly polies and slugs.

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