Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here we are another week went by with the chicks. We have had them 2 weeks now. Wow have they grown!
Here are the bins. First thing we had to do this past weekend was separate the broilers into another bin because they were growing so big they needed more room. Next was we took away their food at night time, to prevent any leg breaks or heart attacks. We need them in good healthy condition to feed our family! Then the layers started flying out of their bin. So we had to put a screen over their bin. Lastly one bird got bullied. The broiler in the card board box is healing from a few too many pecks to the wings. Every chick has to go through the pecking order. Guess he was voted most unpopular. LOL

Here is another view, we are down to 2 lights now because the broilers were getting so hot they were panting! So we tried to keep one light more over the layers since they are like 1/2 the size of the broilers. It was also 83 degrees outside so I had to get a fan out! Crazy!

Here is our bin set up for now. Who knows how it will have to change in another couple of days.

Here are the layers.

Broiler bin number 1.

The extra pecked chick.

Broiler bin number 2. They spill their food everywhere and then poop all over it. I just changed their newspaper and washed their bins out like 4 hours earlier.

Broiler bin number 3. Every Wednesday I do a whole wash out of their bins, Every Thursday I give the broilers a bath....until they can completely clean themselves and they like to lay in their own poo! Every day I change their newspaper. Since I have taken away their food at night and separated them, they poo less and its spread out between another bin as well.


Here are 4 of the 5 new Russet Potato Sprouts! The past 2 HOT days here have made them sprout! Woo!

Here is the potato patch. Now that all the reds in far left are the same size we can bury them again, so we can get MORE potatoes!

Saw this guy while doing compost!

Which lead to another.

And then lead to this stumpy guy!

Broccoli bed covered in mushrooms from the past 2 days.

They are growing UP my broccoli now.

Tomato plant

Sweet Corn.

2nd bed of onions 3rd wave planted.

My blueberries!! :D

They are sooo close to being blue and being eaten! YUM!

Here is their 1st year. (Blueberry Bushes)

My apple tree....growing baby apples.

Its so great! Unfortunately we have to pull them off and compost them. The tree is not mature enough to handle bearing full grown fruit.

The 2 apple trees and orchard in progress. Mr. Smith just mowed. The grass was up to my waist. It rained so many days we couldn't get out there to cut it down.....extra "brown" compost! Guess I will be raking tomorrow and trying to turn the compost pile. This has been a joyful learning experience so far! I love this. :)

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