Friday, May 10, 2013

Starting to get warm out!

I am sorry, no pictures today. We have ancient technology here and it doesn't seem to always want to work on my side! LOL 

Well almost all of the first batch of piglets from Petunia are sold. We kept one for ourselves and wow he is a big guy already! He is about 11 weeks old and has to be a good 90lbs! The 2nd batch of piglets from Miss Piggy aren't far behind...they are about 3 weeks old now as well. It seems Petunia is pregnant again and due beginning of August. That couple is a little showy so they let us know when it actually happens and it is nice in one way because it takes all the guessing out of the due date! :)

I know I said I would let you know how the homemade laundry soap is doing and I realized that I forgot to post how it is going! We have been using it for quite a bit now and it is going great! With how crazy these Smith kiddos get in the mud, grass stains, explosapoos from the youngest, bloody stains, potty training and cloth issues! Works just as well as the store bought stuff and soooo much cheaper! 

The bread I posted about last time that we were just getting into is still working out wonderfully! We use all 3 loaves within 24 hours from the dough, but every once in awhile the dough does get to sit for a few days and get more of a sourdough taste and it also is pretty good! :D

Corn field is going to be planted this weekend, potatoes are sprouting, peas are looking gorgeous! Really need to put the fence in for those to climb on...they are getting pretty big! Fruit trees are in bloom and looking gorgeous. I am pretty hopeful for this season. 

Our turkey hens had 12 babies! They are with the baby chicks and growing! We plan to sell a few and keep the rest :) YUM YUM Thanksgiving dinner! 

We have decided to change up the breed of our chickens, the rooster we have is making smaller then we wanted full grown chickens, which make smaller eggs and smaller birds, so less meat. We have decided to order a bunch of Cuckoo Marans 1 rooster and 20 hens. It will take a bit for them to get of age to breed and lay, but it will help with a more desirable dual purpose bird.

I have not gotten a chance to make the cheese again yet. Our thermometer broke and I had to order a new one, of course the one we picked was on back order....well it came today in the mail! So hopefully next time I post I will be able to say the cheese was a success! 

That's it for now! 
Mrs. Smith