Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mid season growth of the garden

Found an old post that I never got to finish....buisness of homesteading with 5 young children around! LOL

Our Piglets

Well, Miss Piggy had her piglets.....we saw how big she was getting and how she was acting and we adjusted her due date to Halloween.....well Hurrican Sandy rolled through and must of stressed her out, she had them early. The roof cracked and had a leak and when we got a chance to go check on the pigs and chickens when everything settled....they were born, 11 of them....and already gone :( It got too cold :( I cried and I am still heartbroken. It was the worst day of this homesteading we have had yet. Looks like our other gilt, Petunia, is pregnant too.....we are going to make sure these piglets make it even in a snowstorm! LOL Looks like Middle of February we shall be having piglets. Keep our little farm in your prayers and also Miss Piggy, she is bit you can imagine. I gave her a hug...but it didn't seem to help :(