Friday, August 17, 2012

In the middle of an INSANE harvest!

Wow words cannot express how tired I am. My mom and I have been canning fools for the past 3-4 weeks! Tomatoes have been the one thing we have seen most and I have a really good feeling we are going to make it an entire year without having to buy spagetti sauce! This is amazing! We have also ventured into ketchup, stewed tomatoes, tomato soup, salsa and next week we are going to be doing a kids vegetable soup and minestrone soup to freeze for the winter. We have 167 quart size spaghetti sauce, about 100 quart size stewed tomatoes, about 20 pint size ketchup, 14 pint size salsa and 12 quart size tomato soup jars. Our harvest for them is no where near done.....we had to set up 2 HUGE tables under a canopy outside our front door to keep the tomatoes till we get to them and it feels like everytime we make a dent in the tomatoes my husband and Mr. Heyer go out there and pick some more and re fill up the tables! It is so great and tiring...but I will be enjoying my own homegrown tomatoes all year long now! We have also been using so many of them fresh and my husband likes to take a sandwich bag of cherry tomatoes to work with him each day as a snack! :D We still have green beans we are finishing up and some sauerkraut we need to jar in about a week.

The new incubator gave us 10 new baby chicks and we have another batch about a week away from hatching! So 14 newbies and we are still going!

The pigs still look like they are not mating. :( Not sure what is going on there.

Sorry there are no pics....again my computer is not letting me load them. Wish you could see this shelf Mr. Heyer made....its almost completley full!

Ok back to the harvesting! :D