Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ok the long awaited pictures!

Sorry it took so long to get pictures up, my computer has been acting up when it comes to loading pictures and we have just been too far darn busy to try to fix it....until today! We have been working our butts off in our garden again this year and have expanded immensely! We started out with cold weather crops and have slowly been adding in some warm weather ones since it has been unseasonably warm here. We have had a few nights that we had to cover our seedlings that popped up already, but it has been worth it to see all that green growing!

Here is our FIRST HARVEST! Can't believe I am saying that already, they took a whopping 25 days and so far we are up to 8 radishes!

Here is our crazy seed room in my basement, its old Christmas lights, I strung up to give them all light. They were actually the icicle lights we got for free. We had onion seeds growing here. These all died when we transplanted them, I guess the transplant shock was just too much for them. So we went with plan B and got bulbs and they are doing fantastic!

Here is the onion seeds just planted and ready to go to the seed room, I planted 135 onions.

Here is just one view of our expanded garden.

Another view of just haw darn large it has become. I remember my first garden in this yard 4 seasons ago and it was the size of my boar pigs pen. It failed miserably.

A view from right next to the pig's pen.

Here are my beefsteak tomato seeds. They did awesome indoors and we had 72 tomato transplants that did great in the garden soil till 2 days later we had a scorcher of a day into the 90s that day and killed them all off. Even after watering them in the morning, they still shriveled up and died on me :( So we are starting over.

Here is Hamlet (Hammy as I call him) this is the boar pig and he is over the butchering size now, which is about 250lbs and he is only 7-8 months old.

A side view of Hammy, he LOVES my husband so much, he waits for him and lets him pet him...its so cute :)

Here is Miss Piggy, she is our Berskshire girl. She is about 6-7 months old and is close to 200lbs. She will be bred in September.

Here is Petunia, our Yorkshire girl she is about a month older then Miss Piggy and she will be bred in August.

Here are the girls together in their pen.

Here is a new addition to our family. Richard the Rooster. He is gorgeous and so friendly.

Here are the Hens with the Rooster eating some oranges. We have tried to get them to hatch their own eggs with no luck, so I have an incubator and we have started our first round of eggs and we are on day 3. It takes around 21 days for them to hatch....we shall see!

Here is another project we are working on. Here we had a bonfire of brier bushes and dead trees to start clearing out the pasture for the cows. Our old spot I had wanted to put them did not work out, so we will have to wait a little longer to get the cows.

Here is where we plan to have the barn.

Another view of the barn area, right next to the pig pens. Another project we will be doing over the summer is running electric up to the coop/pen so we can have lights and heat up their water over the winter. We got lucky this past winter with their water not really freezing, but this winter coming up who knows, it could go the opposite and it could 1 degree for all of January! Good Luck un freezing that water! LOL

We have also added an irrigation system with hoses and just poked holes in them to help with the watering since we have had such a dry April. This weather is so weird lately! We are starting out better then last year and that always leaves me in a happy mood!

So as you can see many many things have been done since I posted last and its not going to slow down one bit, so you will have to forgive me if my posts are far and few. I will also update my harvest counter, since we are now harvesting!! :D